AeroXtreme Visor Ski Helmet

Tired of wearing goggles that fly off your helmet when you're not using them? 

Our AeroXtreme Ski Helmet provides maximum head and eye protection without any need for pesky goggles. Giving you a much more enjoyable experience on the slopes.

  • UV400 Visor The visor lens provides 100% protection from UV rays and reduces glare. Simply pull down when you need it.
  • Protection - Ultra durable design protects both the head and the eyes to the max. Ideal for those who wear glasses.
  • BreathableVentilation holes effectively drain moisture and introduce dry air to prevent fogging. Control with a switch.
  • Comfort - Soft ear pads for added comfort and an inner cap to keep warmth in without feeling claustrophobic.
  • Adjustable - Adjustable Dial Fit System is easy to use, meaning you can adjust the fit of the helmet on the move.

Worldwide Shipping & 100% Money Back Guarantee.