Professional Thermal Balaclava

Do you ever feel the wind chill on your face and down your neck? Here is your solution!

This is a warm, soft, lightweight and insulating balaclava that offers protection for the ears, neck and forehead and fits perfectly under a helmet.

Ideal for skiing, snowboarding and other snowsports.

Made from comfortable fleece and can be worn in several different ways, providing more or less coverage of the face, depending on the desired effect.


  • Extended front and rear for keeping warm better.
  • 3 layers fabric design: windproof, waterproof and dustproof.
  • The surface layer blocks the outside cold air.
  • TPU film to block water infiltration.
  • Inner fleece to keep warm.
  • Stretchy material, one size fits all!
  • Reflective design at the back of the neck to ensure safe riding at night.
  • Breathable hole design at the nose and mouth for smooth breathing.