SkiBand - Easy Ski Carry Straps

Tired of getting sore shoulders and arms while carrying your skis? SkiBand allows you to carry your skis with extreme ease, while greatly reducing fatigue.

Designed to be lightweight and comfortable, using SkiBand is the easiest way to carry skis. SkiBand is adjustable, durable and fits in any pocket when you don't need it.

Make your life easier for whenever you have a long walk from your accommodation to the lift. Never worry about dodging car mirrors & fellow skiers in busy car parks again.


  • Easy Carry - Allows you to carry your skis either on your back or shoulder with extreme ease. Also fully adjustable.
  • Reduce Fatigue - Say goodbye to shoulder and arm pain while carrying skis the hard way.
  • Ultra Durable - Made from super strong nylon, withstands the toughest back-country conditions and ensures an extra long life.
  • Lightweight - Weighing only 63 grams, you'll forget about it when you're not using it.
  • Compact - Slim design allows you to easily fold it up and store in your pocket when not in use.

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