Stealth Pro Ski Mask

Do you love hitting the slopes but hate getting that   windchill across your face and neck?

Our Stealth Pro Ski Mask provides   maximum protection  from cold winds, snow and UV rays, giving you a much more   enjoyable experience  while doing what you love.

This mask also features inner ventilation ports to  effectively prevent fog, giving users  clear visibility all day long.


  • Anti-Fog Lens  There is a permanent water absorbing coating on the surface of the lens, which absorbs water vapour before the fog is generated. Scientific experiments have proved that this is the most effective way to prevent fog.
  • Double lens  A layer of sealed air between the lenses ensures that the air inside the lenses is warm and dry. The coating on the surface of the lenses is exquisite in appearance, which can effectively refract the glare of the lens and make the transmittance clearer.
  • Breathable Foam Film Design  The breathable foam film layer effectively drains moisture and introduces dry air to prevent fogging.
  • Anti-Slip Belt  - Made from 100% elastic polyamide, the elastic belt can be easily adjusted at any time.

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